Monday, December 3, 2007

Fetal Anomaly Screening

Well, today I went for the Fetal Anomaly Screening at the Kirklin Clinic at UAB. We got there right before 2pm and only had to wait like 15 minutes. The ultrasound took about 30 minutes and they got detailed measurements of Cecilia's organs. They looked at her bladder, kidneys, stomach, 4 chambered heart, size of her ventricles, both sides of her brain, the circumference of her head, the circumference of her abdomen, the length of her femur, counted all 5 fingers on each hand and counted her toes on each foot. It was amazing! The only thing that I am disappointed about is that they couldn't record it on the DVD for me. You see, this is like my 12th ultrasound and I have pictures from each and DVD recordings from 5 of them. Jesse was pretty amazed at the detail you could see. After they finished taking a complete history from me, they told us that Cecilia is doing very well. She is in the 28th percentile of size, which they said is within the normal range. She is still measuring 1 week behind (I am 19 weeks 5 days and she measures 18 weeks 5 days) but they aren't worried about that. The recommended that I continue to receive ultrasounds regularly throughout the pregnancy so that we can closely monitor her growth. I go back to my normal doctor, Dr. Brown, on the 13th! As of right now, it looks like we don't have to have an amniocentisis either!

So after my day at the doctor, Jesse and I headed to the mall to get some coffee from his dad. We met with him for a little while and then we parted ways. I continued to shop, to finish the last of the Christmas list-only 2 left!! And, now, I am updating the blog. Thanks for the concerns and prayers---Keep them coming---we still have 20 more weeks left!

Oh and I picked out the bedding I like for Cecilia's room-check out the pattern at the following link:
Our room will look a little different though since we have dark cherry furniture!

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