Saturday, December 15, 2007

He finally gave in

Jesse called me yesterday at work and said something that he never says-"I'm sick." I think that in the 8 years that we have been together, he has only been sick about 3 times. I mean he gets the occasional short-lived cold (by short-lived I mean a couple of hours max) but other than that, he just doesn't get sick. According to him, he has a "superior immune system" and this means that even when exposed to the most random teratogens, he never catches anything. He actually left work early yesterday, beat me home and was in bed asleep when I got home at 5:30. This was surprising! I attempted to get him to take some medication-Benadryl, Tylenol, Robitussin, etc. but he refused. The only thing that I did get him to take was a glass full of Alka-Seltzer Cold. I tried to tell him that he had a temperature but he refused to take anything, saying that his immune system would recover more quickly if he let it do its job without interference. To that I said, "whatever" and left him to sleep in the bed. Amazingly enough, he was up and at-em this morning at 6:45 am for 2 appointments he had with prospective clients. He sounded better and looked better, saying that he thinks he's probably "over it". Needless to say, I will be impressed if he makes it through the rest of the evening without starting to feel crappy again.

So, this leaves us with another question: Who's immune system will Cecilia get? Mine-I get every virus and bacteria and have the most random ailments-or Jesse's-who never gets sick. Let's hope that she leans towards Jesse's side on this one!

On another note, I have been checking out various types of baby things-strollers, car seats, monitors, etc. I would appreciate suggestions from other mom's out there as to which brands and items they like the best. I have been asked several times if I have registered yet, which I have not, so I am assuming that I probably need to start thinking about that kind of stuff. Leave me comments on what you like/dislike so that I can make informed decisions!

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Michelle (Lewis) said...

Hey Nat! My only comment/suggestion is to make sure your baby seat is compatible with your carseat AND make sure the extra base isn't $$$$ so you can give one to each grandparent - also, with the carrier/car seat...make sure you try holding the carrier for a bit - put something of weight in it, 'cause the handles are all different and some are more comfortable than others. =)