Monday, December 17, 2007

Two Things

Ok-so while Jon & Kate Plus 8 (shown on TLC and Discovery Health) is on commercial, I thought I would post my two great discoveries of late.

1. Silpat's are GREAT!! A silpat, for those who don't know, is a non-stick sheet that you put on your cookie sheet when you are baking something. This sheet keeps everything, and I mean everything, from sticking. It also creates perfectly crisp bottoms and cooks very evenly. A great invention and possible gift idea for those cooks out there.

2. I got the best thing ever at Target! It is a red velour jogging suit that is maternity!!! It is so cute and SOOOO incredibly comfortable. It even has a little bow that ties over the top of your tummy to show that you are pregnant and not just fat. I love it and am considering wearing it to work this week.

So, those are my two things for today. Too bad it isn't Tuesday and then this could have been titled, Two for Tuesday. Maybe I could start a trend and do that every Tuesday. Oh, and I couldn't take a picture of me in the jogging suit b/c Jesse is working late and the batteries in my digital camera are dead. Hopefully, I will get new batteries this week so I can take Christmas pictures of the family.

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