Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So excited!

Never have I been more excited to speak with someone from Sears! Today, I scheduled our whole house to have the air ducts and all of the carpets cleaned and deodorized! I am so pumped about this! We got a great deal and they are coming on my day off (president's day-Feb. 18). This means that we have exactly two weekends to get the office cleaned out and as much of the stuff on the floor (furniture, boxes, extra chairs) removed so that everything is spic and span and ready to have baby stuff moved in!!!!! I am really pumped. I had told Jesse that I wasn't going to move any baby stuff into the nursery/office until we had the carpets cleaned and then this deal came along (see your most recent Valpak coupon envelope). Having this done will make me feel much better about bringing Cecilia home because I know she will be coming into a much cleaner and less pet-hairy house.

Speaking of pet hair...this reminds me that one of my high school friends had her twins today! (a bit tangential I know but bear with me) She already has one child who is 14 months old..."Jake". She had a boy and a girl today...named "Sam" and "Molly". These are the names of my cats!!!! My cats now have namesakes! these three children, my cats are all siblings too! Can you believe the uncanniness of that?!

Also...I went to get the car tag yesterday. I failed to mention that I got it personalized! I have never had a personalized tag before, so this was a fun addition to the new car. You all know that Jesse and I are HUGE Auburn fans! Well, I got an Auburn University tag and it says: "BBTGR"---Baby Tiger!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Right now, I have a temporary tag, but in 6-8 short weeks (just in time for Cecilia's arrival) I will have the actual tag for the new van! All I have to say about that is WAR EAGLE!!!!

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Sandy said...

I just renewed our tags- and PD is getting a personalized one for the new car- but I don't know what it will say yet. Doesn't January SUCK as your renewal month!