Friday, February 1, 2008

Bought out the store

Well, I just got home from Brookwood Mall with my mom. We went in search of a cocktail dress for the wedding I am attending tomorrow night---we came out with half the store! We found some great deals and got some stuff for me to wear to work, bum around in and to wear to my shower! I am really pumped! I just hope that others like the choices as much as we did because this is probably the last maternity clothing we will buy.

We are officially on the countdown and only have 81 days left to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am hoping that tomorrow will be a fruitful day and we can finish cleaning out the office/nursery so that next weekend, we can just relax. We will see though. There is still a lot to be done and there is only so much I can do before I am completely exhausted. If anyone has any spare time on their hands---we would love company or assistance with this project. Needless to say, tomorrow, I will need to eat my Wheaties! Hey, at least I know I will look good doing it though now that I own all of that new clothing!

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