Monday, February 4, 2008

New Things

So today there were several new things that happened.
1. Today, my grandmother, "mimi", had to do a stress test at her cardiologist's office b/c they think she has a blockage in her heart. Sweet Mimi! I just heard from her and she said that things are ok and that they are hoping to hear from the doctor tomorrow with the results. Hopefully, things will be ok with her b/c I would hate to lose her (I know it will happen eventually, but I want her here as long as possible).
2.My friend, Jeanne, gave birth (finally-2 weeks overdue) to a baby boy-Tanner Phillip! I am so incredibly excited for her. We have been friends since college and I know that a baby is all that she has ever wanted!! Yeah, Tanner Phillip!
3. I learned from Mimi that my cousin, Tatum, got engaged last night. She is a doctor here in Birmingham and has been dating her boyfriend, now fiancee, for several years. They are totally cute together and I wish them all the happiness in the world.
4. Tomorrow, I start my new job-working part-time at our main office in Birmingham. I am still with Eastside Mental Health, I will just be working out of both the Oneonta office and the Birmingham office. I am a little nervous but think I will probably be fine. (At least my schedule isn't packed tomorrow!)
5. Tomorrow, we go to the doctor again and get to have the 4-D ultrasound!!!! I am totally excited about this because I will get to see Cecilia's face for the first time!! This ultrasound is supposed to look like a photograph-it combines 3 dimensional imaging with real time, movement. I have seen several of my friends' 4-D ultrasounds and they are truly amazing! I can't believe that medical technology will let us get a glimpse of our our babies in such detail, before they are born!

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