Sunday, February 24, 2008

Starting the nursery

Yesterday, we got started on the nursery. After much preparation, it seems that the time is near and we could possibly be using this stuff much sooner, rather than later. We are 59 days away from the due date and people are already taking bets on when I will "pop". We were fortunate enough to have friends who came over yesterday to help us do the improvements and the moving. Mr. D installed a new ceiling fan and new blinds in the room. Mrs. D and I put together a storage unit (to be used in the closet) and divided up all of the clothes that we already had (from Charlie). We found that there was a sufficient amount of starter clothes, like onesies and sleepers, but that we were lacking in the area of actual day-to-day outfits. The crib was a challenge and it was actually just finished today since both mine and Mr. D's drill died yesterday. It seems that we have a lot of furniture, some of which I would LOVE to get rid of (i.e. the pair of old blue chairs and the huge desk chair). I am not sure where all of this stuff is gonna go because my goal was to get the garage cleaned out enough that we could actually put a car into it. BIG ASPIRATIONS, I know, but that is what I want. Hopefully, I can get Jesse to actually help with the moving of the stuff in the basement because it seemed that yesterday, all he wanted to do was stand around and watch Mr. D do all the work. Anyway, I am including pictures of the beginnings of the nursery. I will update with more later after we have finished.

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Peggy said...

I LOVE those flower pictures over her bed! It's so neat to have a place all ready for your baby. It makes it all so real. I can't wait until you get to bring her's the best!