Sunday, March 16, 2008

preparations continue

Today, I went to my friend's sister's house and bought several items from her that she was no longer using. I got a basinett for our house, a stroller with car seat bases for Mom & Dad's house, a boppy pillow and a little coat. This was awesome because I am trying to get the duplicate stuff covered for the grandparents so that they can have everything they need without having to tote stuff back and forth between houses. I then went to my parent's house where we unloaded all of their things that I had acquired. While I was at their house, I was presented with a large box from my grandmother, Mimi. This box was filled with heirloom baby clothes that mom and my two uncles wore as infants. There were several dresses, sweaters, day gowns and bonnets. They are BEAUTIFUL!!! I brought them home and hung them up in the armoir in Ceci's room. I can't wait to dress her up in them! Included in all of the boxed things was the "coming home" outfit that I will be using to dress Ceci in to "come home" from the hospital. So delicate and exquisite-I am sure she will look like a princess or a little doll in them. Next weekend is the baby shower. Getting all of this together is making me more and more excited for her arrival. I just hope that things go smoothly! Say your prayers for us because we are in the home stretch!

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