Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lots of stuff is happening!

She is getting big so fast! I can't believe how quickly Ceci is growing. Since we started to feed her solid foods, she has really started to pack on the pounds (well, not so much pounds but ounces!) Ceci is becoming an expert at eating from a spoon and she will pretty much put anything in her mouth that you give her. Today, she is 10 weeks old. She is holding her head up and is able to sit in her Bumbo chair on a regular basis. Her favorite thing to do is lay on her back on her play mat and make the noises/songs play by hitting the various buttons and hangy-down things. Ceci is smiling at people and even makes a sound that is almost like laughter when you tickle her. She is much better in the bath tub and no longer screams when you try to put lotion on her. Last night, she slept all night long in her own crib in her own room and only got up one time to take a bottle! I am so proud of her!!! It is amazing how quickly she is progressing now that she is getting the right nutrients into her system. I never imagined I would be so excited to see someone eat from a spoon or drink a whole bottle or hold their head up but right now-its the little things that matter the most. I am looking forward to her being able to sit up on her own. I feel like it will probably be a little early since she is doing so well in the Bumbo at such a young age. I have taken a ton of pictures, so hopefully, I can get a little while soon when I can sit down, upload them and add some pictures to the blog.

At this point, I think she has met most of the family too. She has made trips to Oneonta, Ashford and Marietta and many people have made trips to see her. Routine is finally becoming set for us and all three of us are getting into the groove. I went back to work when she was 5 1/2 weeks old and it has been really hard to be away from her for so many hours a day. I have decided that Jesse and I need to become independently wealthy so that I don't have to work anymore. Hopefully, while I am searching for a new job, I can find something that gives me a little more flexibility and time with her.

On a side note...I am having to search for a new job b/c my position is being eliminated by October. Apparently the brilliant Alabama legislature decided that funding for mental health treatment needed to be cut/decreased for the upcoming fiscal year. As a result, the state department of mental health has cut the funding to many of the local community mental health agencies. Being the last one hired, I am being given the opportunity to find a new job. I have had one interview that went really well; however, I have not heard from the company about a 2nd interview. Hopefully, something will come from that. I have decided that after all of this chaos, I am not "married" to the counseling profession and am willing to move into a totally different career if I can find one that suites me. So, if you know of a good paying, flexible job in Birmingham, let me know. I am not above applying for any job at this point, as October is getting closer by the day!

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