Monday, September 21, 2009

Store brand versus brand name and other product reviews

I strongly prefer the Target brand Chicken Vegetable and Rice bake to the Stouffer's brand. Target's brand is much creamier, not as dry, has more white meat chicken and more bread crumb topping. Not to mention that it is almost $2 cheaper! Ceci also prefers the Target brand. She won't even touch the Stouffer's brand, although I am not sure why. It actually has less sodium but you don't have to add salt after cooking-it is already seasoned to taste!

On another note, I was given "your baby can read" for my birthday (at my request) and Ceci recognizes almost 20 words off of the introductory video! She is a genius! We will watch it for 3 more weeks and then move on to the first level video. I have been showing her the Leap Frog Letter Factory videos as well. She will watch them for a few minutes but not like she will the "your baby can read" dvd's. I think the infomercial was right when it said the dvd's would captivate children's attention! I am very happy with this gift!! Totally worth it in my opinion!

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