Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ceci meets the Vaughans-well at least some of them!

Today, my aunt, Anne, brought my grandparents to Birmingham to visit Dad in the hospital. (long story about that-he is doing better though)Since they were coming to visit-I wanted them to be able to meet Ceci-their first-and only-great grandchild. I got up this morning and dressed Ceci up and took her to St. Vincent's hospital where she met Jackie, Ed and Anne for the first time!!! Since we were on a limited time schedule, I only got a few pictures. But the gist of the story is that they loved her and thought she was precious. Here are a few pictures of the event.

(Dad was hospitalized on Friday for a massive infection that had caused his white cell count to rise above 23,000. He had a very hight temperature-102.7- and was feeling generally terrible. He has been at St. Vincent's ever since. They did a CAT scan and found that a spot of his diverticulitis had ruptured, causing an absess to adhere to his bladder, infecting it from the outside-in. He then got a bad kidney infection from the growing bacteria in the absess. His temperature is around 99 now and they are taking him for another CAT scan this afternoon to see if the absess is still as prominent as it was on Friday. Say your prayers for him because he is never sick like this-much less in the hospital. I will continue to update as I get information.)

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