Monday, October 5, 2009

Lessons Learned

Lesson learned: DON'T buy balloons for an adult and present them in the presence of your 18 month old...She was totally obsessed and ran around the house yelling "BO BO" "my BO Bo". It was a disaster trying to take the away so that we could get in the car-needless to say, we made it home with all 12 balloons even though they weren't meant for her! Obsess much?! After making it home, she proceeded to take the bundle of balloons upstairs, crawl into the dog crate and attempt to pull the balloons into the crate with her. This was a site! She was screaming "BO BO", "my BO BO" and pulling the balloons with all of her might. This did not turn out well because the balloons ended up floating to the ceiling, thus increasing her screaming and yelling. Again, obsess much?! I finally distracted her after the balloons had floated to the ceiling and got her out of the room. The balloons are now in the top of my closet, until further notice (or until they are popped). 

Lesson Learned: DON'T try to take away an 18 month old's toothbrush. Ceci is OBSESSED with her toothbrush. She loves to carry it around and "brush her teeth" which is code for suck on the toothbrush. So, yesterday, she was "brushing" and she got bored. She started to brush other things with her toothbrush. I took it away...BAD IDEA! What happened next was a scene out of poltergeist or something to that effect. She screamed and turned purple and threw a fit-laying down in the floor, screaming, snot dripping, etc. She then started to make a growling noise that came from within her toes, of this, I am sure! So, Lesson learned-don't take away the toothbrush unless you are prepared for a tantrum!

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