Sunday, December 2, 2007

A regular old Sunday

Well, today was a regular old Sunday. We slept in, some of us later than others (Jesse), and then we ran some errands. I got up early (later than weekdays but early for the weekend-8:30) and then went on my merry way trying to buy dog food and pick up breakfast. I was under the impression that Pet Supplies Plus would be open at 9, like they are every other morning of the week-but alas, they do not open until 11am on Sundays. So, instead of getting dog food, I picked up McDonald's for breakfast and headed back home. After a couple of hours catching up on my TIVO recordings from the past week, Jesse finally got up and we headed to Petsmart with Kramer. We took him with us b/c he really needed a bath! While waiting for him to be coifed, we headed to Costa's BBQ for some lunch. Mine was HORRIBLE! Our bill was like $22 (before the tip) and we each only had a sandwich. They had run out of turkey, so they couldn't make the "ultimate club sandwich" that I had ordered (originally $12). Being accommodating like I am, I chose to have a BLT for my lunch. Well, they forgot the fries and the bacon was only half-cooked and they attempted to charge us the full amount for the original sandwich. We ended up with a $5 discount on the bill, which left us at $22. The food was mediocre and the prices were WAY TOO HIGH for such simple meals (not to mention that we waited almost 30 minutes for our sandwiches after they had been ordered). I guess that is the price we paid for learning never to eat there again! Naps were on the menu when we got home. Followed by picking up Kramer, who smelled 100% better. Then I cooked dinner and watched TV. This is last on my list of to-do's today, so I am now updating the blog-then it's off to bed for me.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at UAB for my Fetal Anomoly Test, which I am kind of nervous about. Friday will be the 20 week 2 day mark, which is when we lost Charlie. My hopes are that everything goes perfectly well tomorrow and this week will pass without incident. Although, nothing will ease my fears, not even the kicking I feel in my stomach at this very moment, until I have at least passed that mark and know everything is ok. I know that people say "everything happens for a reason" but I just can't help but wonder if those "things" can happen multiple times, even when everything seems to be going "ok". I will update tomorrow so that y'all can all stay abreast of the latest information. Have a good Monday.


Kate Chaney said...

I love blogsites! Thinking of you today! Keep us posted!

Sandy D. said...

I am so glad that you have a blog- you must keep it updated!!! let me know how the test goes!