Thursday, December 27, 2007

so incredibly pissed!

Ok, so most of you know that I was sick about 2 weeks ago and was feeling horrible. Well, its baaackkkk. I am again sick and this time with a sinus infection. But guess what-I can't get a doctor to freaking see me because I am pregnant! I mean what do they go to medical school for if not to treat people who are sick? I am sure that I am not the only person with some other pre-existing condition that comes into doctors' offices sick with something as common as a sinus infection. I mean seriously!!! So, my OB said that sicne the Z-pack didn't completely heal me the first time, she wants me to be seen by an internist. Well that is all fine and good and all but my internist who I have been going to for the past 3 years won't see me because I am pregnant. So I decided to go to the next best thing-American Family Care. Let me re-iterate American FAMILY Care. Guess what, not only did they have a 2 hour wait (and they don't accept appointments) but they won't see me either because I am pregnant. You know what they told me---Go see your OB or go to the ER. Really---THE ER FOR A SINUS INFECTION????!!! Do you know that it would cost me $150 to go to the ER? Not to mention the fact that THIS ISN"T AN EMERGENCY!!! I just have a freaking sinus infection. I have had 100 of them in my lifetime and know that I just need an antibiotic so that it doesn't turn into Bronchitis or Pneumonia. There has to be another option other than a Z-pack for someone who is pregnant. I mean, pregnant people get sick all the time right?! They tell you your immune system is lowered when you are pregnant so that your body doesn't reject the baby. If that is the case, then why won't anyone treat me when I am pregnant?!

I am on the search now....if you know of a doctor that will see me-please let me know. Just email me or leave me a comment on this page. Either way, I have to do something because I can't go on being miserable and snotting my brains out like this!

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl. I feel your pain - I've been there. In fact, must about every preggers friend I've had has delt with that in their pregnancy. It sucks - but you'll be wasting your time going to the dr. They won't give you anything - they don't want to hurt the baby. Have you tried a humidifier or vicks or any of that stuff, just to try to relieve the symptoms?? If your OB won't do anything, then I wouldn't trust another dr. 'cause it might put your baby in jeopardy. I'm sorry - it sucks so bad. They make this bath stuff with vapor in it - it's by J&J (baby aisle). Maybe that would help?? Can you take Tylenol? That might help your pain...sorry - I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear...