Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This much I know.....

Well....I learned a valuable lesson tonight-I stink at shooting BB's. Apparently, it takes a rocket scientist to teach me how to load, cock and shoot the new BB gun that mom got us for Christmas. Jesse was laughing at me the whole time! So here is the situation:
We had just finished eating dinner and I took the plates to the kitchen. When I was returning to the living room, I noticed that that dreaded possum had returned and was dining on a snack of cat food. I yelled at Jesse, "go get the BB gun....go get the BB gun!" He told me that he didn't know where it was and told me to go get it. So, I did. I brought it down to him and told him to load it. Then I got Kramer and took him outside to chase the possum while Jesse got the thing loaded. Jesse handed it to me and told me to go outside and take a shot at something plastic so that I could get practice at shooting it. (having only shot a gun one time in my life and being knocked over by it-I was hesitant) I took it outside but I couldn't bring myself to shoot it for fear of falling down or being arrested for shooting a gun inside the city limits. I went back inside and Jesse unloaded it and shot it once for me to hear that it was the tiniest sound ever. I took it back outside and tried to shoot it-with the safety on-and found out that the BB's just fall out of the end when you do that! I took it back inside and Jesse again reloaded it and told me that it was ready to shoot. I then took one shot at the plastic planter on our front porch. God only knows where the BB went b/c I heard it richochet off the planter and it went into the leaves. I only hope I am a better shot when it comes to shooting the possum! I don't intend to kill the possum, just warn it to stay away from my cats' food. I guess I need to take some lessons or something...I am sure it was a sight to see a 6 month pregnant woman in her front yard shooting a BB gun at a planter and wincing at the sound. Where is the country girl in me when I need her?!

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