Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A warning for all

The following post is a copy of an email sent to me about one of my childhood friends, Andrea. I am posting her mother's account of the story from Sunday night-January 6, 2008. Please take this information to heart and stay safe! I grew up with Andrea and can't imagine that anything like this would ever happen to someone I know.

My dear old friends,
That event we fear the most concerning our daughters happened to Andrea on Sunday. She went to K-Mart on Green Springs at about 5:00pm. After leaving, she stopped at the gas station there on Green Springs. She was kidnapped, and for the next 5 hours was raped and robbed and generally terrorized. There were 3 black men and they were very clever. She did not know where they took her as they drove around in circles and made her lie down so she could not see. They wiped most of the prints off the car, but the police a got a few anyway. Also, they did not wear condoms, so there is DNA evidence should they be caught. The police think they will be able to catch them. From Andrea’s description of their clothing and the way they talked the police believe they are gang members and seem to know a lot about them. I hope so.

She was able to convince them to release her at about 11:00pm. What a miracle that was. She said she just kept praying and begging. She was not cooperative at first, but learned quickly that not fighting them might save her life. She had hoped at one point to be able to jump from the car, but her doors lock automatically (some safety feature!) when she turns on the car and she couldn't unlock the door without them hearing it. She does not know where they let her go. They got out of the car and told her to count to 30 before she looked up. She did. She immediately got into the front seat and started the car. She didn’t have a clue where she was, so she drove around and around for some time (she’s not sure how long – maybe 30 minutes or so) until she found her way out to Green Springs again. She drove home and called the police. They were with her all night going over the details and filing reports. They called the paramedics and they did a rape kit. She didn’t call me until Monday morning early. The detectives were still with her trying to trace any calls from her cell phone – the animals had taken everything she had.

She is grateful to be alive and believes God was watching over her no matter how terrible this is. She went to the Rape Crisis Center and they gave her a physical, the morning after pill and drew blood to test for diseases. We will go from there. I’ve been looking for apartments all day to find somewhere she can move to immediately. Of course, these animals know where she lives and since she called the police (she promised them she wouldn’t if they let her go) they may try to find her to shut her up. Kidnapping, rape and robbery will get them at least 20 years. She is terrified, of course. I am just so glad she is alive!

Oh, and Sunday was her birthday. I told her that God gave me a gift on that day 28 years ago and He gave her to me again on Sunday.

Please tell your girls what happened TO SOMEBODY THEY KNOW. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Sylvia, if I hear of your or Sharron Lancaster getting gas on Green Springs I am going to come over there and take your keys away.

Please keep Andrea in your prayers.


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