Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another trip to the hospital...UUUGGGHHH

Tuesdays are usually our nights for Lamaze. This week, we went to Lamaze and had a whole class on the benefits of breastfeeding. Class was informative but by the end of the night, I was ready to go home. Jesse and I decided to go to Moe's for a quick dinner. As we started to eat, I began to feel very nauseated. This didn't surprise me because, I had been having waves of nausea for the past several days (never getting sick). We left the meal abruptly and headed home. Once we got home, it was downhill from there. We got home around 9:15 or so and by 11pm, I was experiencing vomiting and upset stomach approximately every 20 minutes. Needless to say, I slept on the floor of the bathroom with my pillow and the duvet from the bed. After this continued all night long, I was completely drained and had started cramping (after that night,who knows if it was the baby or my intestines at that point). I couldn't keep down water and was feeling very puny. Around 6:30am, I finally gave in and called my OB's answering service. The doctor told me that I needed to go to Labor and Delivery immediately and that I would be admitted for IV fluids and observation. I started to cry because I didn't want to be admitted, but I knew for Cecilia's sake, I probably needed to go. Jesse and I got some things together and headed to Brookwood. They took me up to the perinatal unit and started an IV (which was difficult considering how dehydrated I was). I was hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and to a contraction monitor. At that point, I was having some mild contractions (no more than 4 an hour) and they wanted them to stop. All in all, I was given 5 bags of IV fluids, Immodium, Zofran (for nausea & vomiting) and Regland (for the acid reflux). I was also "checked" for the first time and was told that I am 1cm dilated, 50% effaced and minus 2 station! This is exciting because that means that things are happening to prepare for Miss Ceci's arrival! 24 hours later, things were better. On Thursday, I was sent home around 10:30am to rest and attempt to recouperate. Today, I am much better, although still a little tired. I am trying to save my strength for the nursery organization that is scheduled for today! So, from now on, I will be monitoring myself and making sure that I have no more than 6 contractions in 1 hour (fewer at this point is very normal considering my body is preparing for birth!). Today I am exactly 60 days away from my due date! If we can keep Miss Ceci in the oven for about 3-4 more weeks, we will be golden! I go back to the OB on Tuesday and am excited to see if there has been any more progression-YIPPEE! Slow and steady wins the race! At least if she did decide to come sometime soon, we would know that things would be fine!

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