Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Doctor appointment

I went to the doctor yesterday (Tuesday) and was given a prescription for the medication Brethine (commonly called Terbutaline). This medication is supposed to keep me from having any more contractions, which I am still having (only 3-4 per hour). I didn't know much about the medication, so I looked it up on the internet. Apparently, it is a medication typically used to help treat symptoms of asthma in that it relaxes the bronchospasms that occur with asthma attacks. It works the same way on the uterus in that it relaxes the uterine muscles and reduces the strength and frequency of the contractions. The bad thing I found out is that there are a lot of law suits against the makers of the drug because it has been known to cause developmental delays, speech problems and autism. I have not been able to find out what the prevalence of these problems are and how frequently they are noted to have been caused by this medication. At this point, all I know is that I would rather have her early than expose her to problems like I mentioned above. I work with children who have developmental and emotional delays on a daily basis. I do not want Cecilia to be at risk of experiencing these problems because of a medication I chose to take while pregnant with her. I am sure that there are many children who are products of pregnancies where this drug has been taken and they have no problems. I, however, do not want to expose her to the risk if I do not have to. At this point, if she were born, her brain would be fully formed and she would have a good chance of going home after a few days of monitoring. Maybe I am over-reacting but I do not think I will take the medication, especially if by not taking it I can avoid exposing her to the above disorders.

On another note, when I was seen, I was told that I have not progressed any further and am still at 1cm and 50% effaced. This is a plus because she needs to stay inside and grow a little more before she is born. Don't get me wrong...I am ready for her to get here, but I also know that she needs as much time in the womb as possible! I go back to the doctor on March 11. Say some prayers that she keeps growing and doesn't decide to come this early!


Sarah Parsons said...


I just wanted you to know that I totally agree with your decision. Not that you need anyone's approval, it's your body and your child- you know best! But it really isn't worth the risk this late in the game. It's been so much fun reading about your preparations for Miss Cecilia. I'm so excited for you!! You're both in my prayers. You're going to make a great mommy.

Love you!
Sarah (Brennan)

Anonymous said...

Nat, I was on this medicine for at least 3 months - I originally went into labor at 24 weeks. It's an aggravating drug to take, but the effects on your baby won't be as bad as if you had her early and her lungs aren't developed. The risk to her early birth outweigh the risk of developmental please rethink it before you stop taking it. Cecelia needs to stay in a little while longer. =)OH - and if you went into labor right now (minus your water breaking) they won't let you have her - they will give you magnesium which is a thousand times worse on you (like being drunk, but your world doesn't spin!) and then you'll be on bedrest...I did that a few times, as well...and you will probably get an amnio - 'cause they will have to check her lungs before allowing you to have her OR giving you an emergency c-section. Just a couple of things to think about...that was my experience.