Monday, February 18, 2008

Finally done with the cleaning

So, the air duct and carpet cleaning went pretty well. Of course, I was upsold on extra treatments, but I think that when I bring Cecilia home, I will be glad that I did it. In addition to the regular air duct cleaning, we had the air ducts sanitized with a hospital-grade antibacterial treatment. This killed any remaining dust mites, germs, allergens and/or mold that stuck around after the vents were all sucked clean. I also opted for the permanent air filters, which you never have to replace. All you have to do is take them out and vacuum them once a month and shoot them off with a hose once every three months. And-whenever we move, all we have to do is call Sears and they will send us brand new permanent air filters for our new home at a $10 shipping charge (no charge for the new filters). I think that this was a pretty good deal. When the carpet cleaning guy came, I did have to get the pet enzyme treatment, which was an additional charge, but again, the pet stains would not have come up without it. I feel much better knowing that things are getting closer to clean so that Ceci can come home to an allergen-free (or at least reduced) house. I am looking forward to this weekend, when I have friends coming to help with the nursery assembly. I just wish that it was all done and we had a baby to put in it! 65 more days and counting!!!!!

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