Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Ok-so have you ever seen the movie, The Princess Bride? Well, if you have, you know what the above abbreviation means-Rodents of Unusual Size. About twice a day for the past several days, I have been noticing that there has been a possum on my front porch eating all of the cat food. Well, today when I came home, there he/she was again! I calmly walked up to the front door and attempted to climb the two stairs when I was hissed at! That stupid creature hissed at me and wouldn't let me get to the door. Stupidly, I stomped my feet and told it to "get", which didn't work. The possum has complete control of my front porch. I called my mom and asked her what I should do and she said that possums are dangerous because they tend to be rabid and they will attack you if you challenge them (just as I had done). Well, mom told me that I didn't need to bother it because it would "tear up" my cats and dogs (and me too) if it felt threatened. She suggested that she be the one to come to the house and shoot it. Now, I am not usually one for killing animals, but this is one of the most disgusting creatures I have ever seen----and IT HISSED AT ME! So, I agreed. The deed hasn't been done yet but mom plans on coming over the next time I spot the damn thing so that she can "take care of it". This scares me a little b/c I don't want my mom to be going to jail for discharging a firearm in the city limits...but if it means I can get to the front door without being harrassed, then maybe I am ok with at least a warning from the police. I called my neighbor and she has had possums in her attic 2 times in the past month! She was totally ok with mom coming to "take care of" the dirty little varmit. So, now, I guess I just need to notify the other neighbors so that I can try to keep my mom from getting in trouble should she come and discharge her gun in an attempt to make me safer!

On another note, my grandmother-we call her Jackie, just called and said that my aunt is no longer using the dark cherry glider and ottoman in my 2-year-old cousin's room and that we can have it!!!! This is HUGE news b/c we thought we were going to have to shell out several hundred dollars to get one on our own! YEAHHHHH!! Thanks Aunt Anne!!!! (PS-her son, Eli is the one with Santa in the picture from a couple of days ago)

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billie said...

Thanks for the update. We are enjoying the Site.
Glad for the good report. Keep us posted.
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